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7th April 2014

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28th March 2014


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28th March 2014

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Use What You’ve Got



Sometimes, that means using an upside-down teammate’s skate as a blocking assist when you’ve run out of other teammates to brace yourself with.

I am a Stef Mainey fan.

28th March 2014

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New Video: 5 Reasons why Roller Derby is the best sport… ever!


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well this is nice - ta very much Elle!

28th March 2014

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Anarchy 4 trailer - This is how you promote a tournament! 



7th March 2014

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London Brawling: LRG All-Stars →

New Brawling!!!!

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10th February 2014

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Even If You Think You’ll Never Use It, Learn How to Apex Jump



I’m not talking about the big, death-defying leaps. I’m talking about practical apex jumping (like you see here). Sometimes you need to be able to hop around an opponent, or over them (or both), and that requires knowing how to jump.

And it’s not just a jammer skill. There are lots of really scary blockers who use apex jumps—sometimes even clockwise apex jumps—to chase after or run back an opponent.

go go go!

9th February 2014

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Defend the Palace!

Final scores from Defend the Palace yesterday:

Brawl Saints 215 - 130 Glasgow Roller Derby
Brawling 500 - 30 Tiger Bay Brawlers

Thank you to both teams for coming down, to Lush for helping us support #signoflove, to our own and the visiting NSOs and refs, and of course everyone who came and watched and cheered and drank the bar dry three times! 

We’d love to hear any feedback you have on our new venue - we thought it was pretty fab!

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22nd January 2014

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Defend the Palace! | Facebook →

Come to this! Brawling! Brawl Saints! Tiger Bay! Glasgow!

ALSO It is in our new venue in Cystal Palace. It is an amazing venue and I was mesmerised.

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22nd January 2014

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Team England Announce 2014 Roster | Derby News Network →

A couple of familiar names here….

AND LRG’s favourite sports coaches DSA are Team England partners too.

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