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10th July 2014

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14th June 2014

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Do you want to watch London Rollergirls vs Gotham Girls Roller Derbyonline?

Well, Derby Duck Productions wants to bring it to you — but they need your help. They have set up a Crowdfunder to cover the (roughly) $3,400 it will cost them to produce the stream. If they hit the target, then the bout gets streamed.

If they don’t, no dice. 

So if you want to make this bout available to the world, go throw them a few bucks, and maybe score yourself some sweet rewards.

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7th June 2014

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Also check out our facebook page for more of Steve Brown’s amazing event photography.

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7th June 2014

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28th May 2014

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28th May 2014

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28th May 2014

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Results from weekend:
Team England Roller Derby 286 - 139 Team Sweden Rollerderby
Batter C Power 219 - 92 Romsey Town Rollerbillies
Brawl Saints 159 - 201 Team Sweden

Thanks to everyone for coming down to cheer, to Team Sweden and the Rollerbillies for coming to play, and our local and guest officials for keeping everything running! See you in July…

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28th April 2014

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7th April 2014

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28th March 2014


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